Our values

Our values are rooted in a solid railway heritage and blossom into a customer focused and innovative technology environment.

Railway Family

For close to a century, we have been an active player in the many successes of the railway world. We continue to develop longstanding partnerships founded on mutual understanding, passion and respect. Our team draws its strength from its diversity of cultures and experiences.


Trust is the foundation of our relationships with all our stakeholders. Trust is earned day after day by delivering continuous quality work and communication. Because our success depends on the loyalty of our partners, we commit ourselves to the success of every single project.

Customer Focus

Our customers are our most important success factor. Their satisfaction is at the center of every decision we make. Together, we develop innovative and high value solutions. We think global and we act local to provide what is needed and more.

Excellence driven

Performance drives our actions. We continuously learn to  improve our technologies and solutions. We operate in a lean and proficient ecosystem. We facilitate interactions and exchange of ideas. We strive to deliver projects that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Committed to tomorrow

Our passion for railways supports our commitment to the future. We innovate to enable our partners to stay ahead of the curve. We share our knowledge, emulate each other and work as a team. We grow stronger together.