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GEISMAR portable grinders win a national competition in China

Organized by the Chinese government every 3 years, the 6th National Railway Industry Professional Skills Competition was held in November 2020 to select not only the best network operators but also the best railway maintenance equipment. It is within this framework that the subsidiary GEISMAR China provided all its support in the rail weld grinding tests, with the excellent portable grinding machines MP12 and MP23 of the GEISMAR Alpes plant. Given the national aura provided by this competition, the prospects for commercial development are very optimistic.

China’s rail transportation network is the second largest in the world with more than 141,400 km of track, including nearly 36,000 km of high-speed tracks, and the first in terms of electrified tracks with 97,000 km of lines. With a network length multiplied by 6 in 70 years, managed by 18 regional offices, the potential is thus enormous for equipment manufacturers of railway laying and maintenance equipment.

(source : Wikipedia)

Jointly organized by the Ministries of Human Resources, Social Security and the Infrastructure operator China National Railway Group Co, Ltd, this first-rate competition aims at pulling up the skills of the best railway operators (locomotive brake fitters, signalling operators, …), while verifying that the railway equipment is efficient, ergonomic and meets the latest standards.

Both theoretical and practical, this competition aims to distinguish honorary titles of national technical experts. It thus ensures that the national infrastructure operator will continue to pursue its railway excellence for the next coming years. In the rail weld grinding competence, more points are distributed to the machine used rather than to the operator himself. Among the best rail profile grinding machines on the market, our GEISMAR MP12 and MP23 rail profile grinding machines have been selected by many offices for competition (Beijing, Nanning, Guangzhou, Wuhan, …).



Among the top 3 offices, respectively Nanning, Wuhan, Jinan, the MP12 and MP23 machines were systematically used.

They were recognized as:

  • the most suitable for grinding welds;
  • high precision;
  • easy to use;
  • reliable.

In an extremely competitive market and very demanding in terms of performance and ergonomics, we congratulate the GEISMAR China teams for passing this competition with flying colors and the GEISMAR Alpes teams for the quality of the rail grinders supplied. Their know-how in the field of portable equipment for many years has been proven.

Among the 18 regional offices managing the rail network, only a third are equipped with GEISMAR machines. The success of this competition will therefore greatly help to promote the advantages of our equipment in all the other regional offices.