Geismar strengthens its management team

Committed to providing our customers with an ever-better experience in a growing global rail market, Geismar Group is strengthening its management team and appointing a new Chairman to lead its organisation.


Supporting growth

In a global market for tracklaying and maintenance equipment that is experiencing positive momentum, railway companies and their contractors turn naturally to Geismar to supply them with a growing number of machines ranging from small track-maintenance equipment to road-rail vehicles, as well as track-laying gantries and measuring instruments. In tune with the global push towards a net-zero railway industry, Geismar is developing and rolling out its Activion® range of battery-powered machines, thus supporting the efforts of the entire sector to reduce CO2 emissions and fight climate change.

Within this context, Geismar’s main objective for the coming years is to strengthen its ability to meet demand by adopting an ambitious industrial strategy.


A new Chairman for the Group

To successfully carry out this strategy, Geismar Group has chosen to appoint a new Chairman with effect from 27 March 2024: Mr Nicolas Yatzimirsky (Polytechnique, ENSTA, Sciences Po Paris).

Mr Yatzimirsky is backed by more than 20 years’ experience at the helm of industrial companies in France and abroad, including Albea Tubes, Consolis and Verallia. His taste for management and his detailed knowledge of how production units operate are key assets in achieving the objectives set by the Group.


Mr Raphaël Geismar declares:
“After several years of economic and geopolitical turmoil, which the Group has managed to overcome, I am delighted to welcome Mr Nicolas Yatzimirsky as Chairman of the Geismar Group. His arrival will strengthen the company’s growth momentum and enable us to respond even more effectively to our customers’ needs. Mr Yatzimirsky’s recognised industrial expertise will be an additional asset in accelerating our transformation, supporting the growth of the rail market and improving the Group’s overall performance”.


Mr Nicolas Yatzimirsky declares:
“I’m delighted to join the Geismar Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for the installation, control and maintenance of railway networks. I’m keen to support this century-old company in meeting the challenges of the 21st century. By listening to our customers in France and abroad, our team will pursue the strategy of developing clever, safe and high-output technical solutions with the support of all the Group’s employees”.